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Dear Friends,

Lent begins just about halfway through February this year—a slightly longer February than usual due to it being a Leap Year. Remember that whatever special sacrifices, prayers, and works of mercy you do this Lent are meant to lead you into a more splendid Easter glory, just as the Lord wishes to lead us all out of the frequent darkness of our lives on this earth into the endless glory of his presence in heaven. Let’s pray for each other, that we may come to know that glory in some measure here and more perfectly in heaven.

In Jesus and Mary,

Rev. Sebastian White, O.P.


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Saints Who Founded Communities

During this Month of the Holy Family, we consider saints who established religious communities: orders, houses of an order, or lay associations.

…and these great features



A Prayerful Reading of Sacred Scripture

“If you wish, you can make me clean.”

The Gospel for the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

(Sunday, February 11, 2024)

Mark 1:40-45


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