Subscribe your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, godchildren… Please return this completed order form to: ORDER FORM Offer valid until August 31, 2020. Please allow a minimum of ∞ weeks for the arrival of the first issue. Method of Payment: Check enclosed payable to M agnificat (U.S. $ only ) Visa MasterCard Amex Discover Name on card: Card no.: Expiration date: Security code: Signature: Please list your address below. Title First Name Last Name Address Address City State Zip Country Email address Telephone Please list below the name and address of the child you wish to subscribe. First Name Last Name Address Address City State Zip Country Birth Date ‹-year subscription MagnifiKid!, ‹§ issues, an entire liturgical cycle. United States: $‡· (a saving of $¤‹) Canada: $⁄¤‚ (a saving of $⁄∞) Europe: $⁄›‚ (a saving of $¤∞) Rest of the world: $⁄∞∞ (a saving of $¤∞) ⁄-year subscription MagnifiKid!, ⁄¤ issues. United States: $‹›.·‚ Canada: $›∞ Europe: $∞∞ Rest of the world: $§‚ If you would like to receive complimentary copies of MagnifiKid! to distribute to people who are likely to be interested in subscribing, please contact us by email: or by fax: ⁄-·⁄›-·§·-§››§. Orders will be supplied subject to availability of stock. PO Box °›¤ Yonkers, NY ⁄‚‡‚¤ Tel: ⁄-°§§-¤‡‹-∞¤⁄∞ Fax: ⁄-·⁄›-·§·-§››§ Please send renewal notices to me. Please send renewal notices to the child.