Find the following names in the grid (some words are written backward or diagonally): A braham D avid D ominic E lijah F rancis J erome J esus J ohn M ary M oses P aul S ara P M O S E S S B I G T A J P S U R A F D S R U E N S L A R H I Y Y L L E A M V A C L X P C J B T Y J N O D Q E N R F D I A H M R D I A G I L R I O A L G H C V E F M R J V Q A K A L E U C I N I M O D T Illustrations: Éric Puybaret (cover), Christophe Verdenal (p. 2), Marie-Laure Viney (p. 3), Andrée Bienfait (p. 4-11), Patricia Dumay (p. 13). Game testing and quality control: Frank, 10, and Tiffany, 11. Rights reserved to all text, drawings, and photos in this booklet.Translator: Carrie Akoun. Customer service: 1-866-273-5215. Published with the approval of the Committee on DivineWorship, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Printed in France by Siep.