Vol. 17 - Part 4 - Section 1 PO Box 842 Yonkers, NY 10702 Vol. 17, Part 4, Sections 1 to 6 Monthly - March 2020 Dear parents Section 1 of 6 The Lord, your God, shall you worship First Sunday of Lent Section 2 of 6 This is my beloved Son Second Sunday of Lent Section 3 of 6 Give me a drink Third Sunday of Lent Section 4 of 6 I do believe, Lord! Fourth Sunday of Lent Section 5 of 6 Lazarus, come out! Fifth Sunday of Lent Section 6 of 6 Publisher:Pierre-Marie Dumont • ExecutiveAdvisor:Father Daniel Barron, omv • Promotion Manager:John Sacco • Editorial Staff Secretary: Isabelle Galmiche, Isabelle Girault,and PaulineTrémolet • Graphics Editor: Amélie Hosteing assisted by Gilles Malgonne • Also collaborating on this edition: Carrie Akoun, Janet Chevrier,Mathilde Curallucci,Bernadette Dumont,Julie Hackett,Philippine de Lovinfosse,Hélène Pécheux. MagnifiKid! 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