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THE CHURCH ON MISSION by The Pontifical Mission Societies

The Gospel passage shines light on the depth of the work of conversion that is needed within the Church itself, in order to carry out our own mission. This mission can be spoiled from within the community of Jesus’ disciples by the temptations of pride and power. To the spoiling of one’s mission by sin, Jesus contrasts a meaningful gesture and a vital commitment: to make oneself small like children. Anyone who feels called to mission needs a profound conversion: to become like a child. The missionary disciple must have the same immense trust that children have in their parents, sure of their love and their protection.

It is the same experience that Jesus has as the Son of his Father, fully aware of reality, totally confident and willing to surrender to him. Only in this way, conforming ourselves totally to Jesus, can we who are disciples approach the mission to which we are called. The Christian who has really become like a child learns by experience that the fruitfulness of his mission is in the hands of the One who raised Christ from death and who sends him….

As a son or daughter in the Son, every disciple is missionary because they are sent to proclaim good news, supported and accompanied by angels, divine messengers who keep them open to contemplation as the foundation of mission and to the challenges of the world to which they offer witness. Like the guardian angel to whom each of us is entrusted, the child disciple always sees in Jesus the face of the Father to discover always and in anyone the face of a brother, the existence of a sister, to love and to save.