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Eastertide by Jennifer Hubbard

 In an effort to create the perfect Easter morning I painstakingly planted spring bulbs, searched for delicately adorned eggs, and fretted over what my babies would wear. By the time it arrived, jubilation quickly turned to exhaustion, and I wanted nothing more than a return to “normal.” What I realize now is that I was creating a perfect culmination to Lent, and I failed to recognize that Easter was not the end but a beginning. Easter is not a solitary moment that concludes with halleluiahs sung at a sunrise celebration. Easter is joy found in the Risen Jesus and lived in a relationship restored and salvation freely granted. Jesus conquers death and does not return with the pomp and circumstance of a garish, gilded affair, demanding and condemning and holding ransom the souls he poured out his blood to save. Instead, the Lamb of God returns quietly, wiping tears and assuring, walking with the questioning and forgiving the guilty. It is in these encounters that I am offered the truth of my Risen Lord. He does not impose or intrude, judge or turn away. Quiet and gentle, he walks beside me, knows my sadness, disappointment, and faults, and offers day after day his body broken and blood poured, to restore, to sustain, and to transform. It is in this that I now know: joy is not confined to a moment but discovered through a life’s transformation culminating on the day where I will bask in the light of his face. It is in this truth that I sing a continued halleluiah.


(Jennifer Hubbard  resides in Newtown, Conn. The younger of her two children, Catherine Violet, was a victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012.)